Located in the heart of Manhattan, CoverClicks Media, Inc. is a world leader in online marketing. Founded in 2001, we've grown from a two-employee shop, into a leading performance marketing services firm, serving such clients as Jenny Craig, ADT, The Game Show Network and Nestle - all without the aid of outside investment.

Through our 3 subsidiaries - MyJobHelper.com, DrivingLeads.com and AffiliateNetwork.com - CoverClicks Media provides the highest return on investment for our clients' marketing budgets by offering cost-effective, performance-based marketing solutions. By taking on the process of optimizing your paid media campaigns, CoverClicks allows you to focus on customer monetization instead of media buy optimization.

Marketing For Profit

...it's more than just a slogan. It's our mission. Everything we do is designed to help you reach the most targeted and profitable audience possible while reducing your risk. Let us show you how we can help you market for profit.

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